Hi my name is Scarlett and my name is Jasmine.We are going to write about what right there are and how to recpect them.

Here are some rights we have learnt:

The right to freedom;

The right to privacy;

The right to be protected from discrimination;

The right to be heard;

The right to education;

The right to be protected from child abuse.

Now lets talk about why we have rights. Why do we have rights?=We have rights so if someone is not respecting one of our rights we can say that you are not respecting my right to …So now we have done that, have you spotted anyone not respecting our rights? If you have you need to tell them about rights and why we have them. To sum this  up we have rights to protect us from the mean and selfish people.

What would happen if we didn’t have rights?=If we did not have rights we would not be protected from discrimination and abuse or any other bad thing that happens around the world. If we did not have rights lots of bad things would happen around the world that may not be able to stop.If we did not have rights I would not be sitting here right NOW.

I hope you have learnt a lot about rights.