I am so excited about tommorow when unicef is coming Here is a bit about them;

Right now, children are in danger. They face violence, disease,hunger, and the chaos of war and disaster. This is wrong and it has to change.

Unicef ensures more of the world’s children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. We work in over 190 countries around the world. We have done more to influence laws, policies and customs to help protect children than anyone else in history.

We get things done.

And we’re not going to stop until the world is a safe place for all our children.

Unicef was created by the United Nations in December 1946, after World War II, to provide food, clothing and healthcare to European children who faced famine and disease.

In 1953 the UN General Assembly extended Unicef’s mandate indefinitely.

We now work in more than 190 countries with families, local communities, business partners and governments, to help protect children in danger.

Unicef UK was founded in 1956 and is a registered charity.

This is the most important part…

Education: The Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA)

Right Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) initiative works with thousands of schools across the UK to put children’s rights at their heart to improve well-being and help all children reach their full potential. The award recognises achievement in embedding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in a school’s ethos and culture.

Rights Respecting!!!


All Rights

The rights that I learnt are people need protection and a life. Some rights are the right to be protected from drugs, abducted and discrimination.I n West Thornton we respect everyone’s rights by listening to them, we give them Medical care and give everyone a great education. If someone comes in we give them time to fit in and a warm welcome. 

Our human rights

People around the world have rights and we all need rights. We need rights so we can be safe. If we don’t have them we might die and our rights are so important to us. Another reason why we need rights is so that we can take care of our selves by giving our selves some education and having clean water to drink and healthy food to eat.  I think one of the most important rights is the right to live and everyone needs that right to do anything or any other right. To show that we learn about rights we have rights assembly, we talk about it together and we make posters to show that we learnt about the rights. We have been learning about a topic called boy overboard and in the story girls are not allowed to go to school so they don’t have the right to education.

What do you know about rights?


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What we learned about Rights

Many many years ago, the goverment made a fair promise to protect children from things like Racisum,Bullying and many more. Article 28,29 and 30 are part of our Right to learn! We have the right to social security as it says on article 26.There is a special company called UN Convention on the rights of the child.We have lots of rights such as the right to have education, the right to health and health services and the right to Privacy.

Adults rights and children’s rights are different because adults are more responsible and they have to protect children from Neglect and many other harmful things.But the right to privacy is a right that both adults and children have. Family reunification that is article ten. The Rights are really important because they protect us from racism people bullying us , abuse and many more  that is why rights are important.

Here are some rights:

The right to have education ,The right to have privacy,The right to be safe,The right to be loved and cared,The right to have clean water and nutritious food,The right to be free to learn your own culture/ or religion and the right to have your rights.



Why do we have rights and what will happen if we didn’t have them ??????

Why do we have rights?

We have rights to protect us. Another reason why we have rights is because we need to be safe and also we need to have them so that we make friends and also listen to other people’s opinions. We have rights to help us learn and to stop fighting. The whole point of having rights is so that we can be treated the same, we have rights so that means we should be treated equally. We also have rights to make sure we do the right thing so that we know if we are doing anything bad or not.  

What will happen if we didn’t have rights?????? 

If we didn’t have rights we wouldn’t actually be talking about rights. We would be fighting if we did not have rights. Rights help us to do good things. Another fact here is that if we didn’t have any rights it wouldn’t be safe because some countries don’t have the right to education and every person should have that right. Every child has to go to school.

By Sara,Alexa and Kyriese!!!!!

What I have learned about Rights!

In our school we have been learning about why we need rights. To show we respect our right we have rights assemblies ,we talk about the rights as a class and we also have a right of the fortnight.Everyone needs rights and no-one can live without them. We have been leaning about the the topic Boy Overboard and in the story girls as are not allowed to go to school and so they are not getting her right to education.

Here are some  Human Right:

.The right to education

.The right to follow a religion/ belief

. The right to be treated equally

. The right to be heard and listened

.The right to a safe environment


Our fabulous rights

The rights are one of the most important things here in West Thornton.


Rights are a list of things that we can’t live without. They protect us from bad things like child labour and bad treatment. Every child has rights but not every child knows them. Some grown ups don’t respect children’s rights so they make them work and sell things to get money.We all have the right to clean food and water but not everyone has food or clean water and they don’t have anything we have.


Amelia 4.3



Hi my name is Scarlett and my name is Jasmine.We are going to write about what right there are and how to recpect them.

Here are some rights we have learnt:

The right to freedom;

The right to privacy;

The right to be protected from discrimination;

The right to be heard;

The right to education;

The right to be protected from child abuse.

Now lets talk about why we have rights. Why do we have rights?=We have rights so if someone is not respecting one of our rights we can say that you are not respecting my right to …So now we have done that, have you spotted anyone not respecting our rights? If you have you need to tell them about rights and why we have them. To sum this  up we have rights to protect us from the mean and selfish people.

What would happen if we didn’t have rights?=If we did not have rights we would not be protected from discrimination and abuse or any other bad thing that happens around the world. If we did not have rights lots of bad things would happen around the world that may not be able to stop.If we did not have rights I would not be sitting here right NOW.

I hope you have learnt a lot about rights.


The right’s of a child

.These are how many rights we can remember:

  1. The right to learn
  2. The right to education
  3. The right to play and rest
  4. The right to be safe
  5. The right to be heard and listen to
  6. The right to have decent shelter
  7. All children are an adults top priority
  8. The right to share your own opinion
  9. The right to not be abused or abducted
  10. The right to have food and drink
  11. All children should be treated the same way whatever their race, religion, country.
  12. The right to have medical care
  13. If a child is a refugee governments must make sure that they have everything they need
  14. Children must be protected from abuse.
  15. We have the right to an environment in which we can grow and reach our potential.
  16. The right to have privacy

Rights are universal- what do you think this means?

By Afra and Aikaan

What we’ve learnt about our Right

We’ve learnt about rights that they are the needs of a child.

Every child under 18 should be respected with these rights.

All children should have their rights, whatever their race, religion, and background.

Every child has the right to life. All children should be able to grow their full potential.

Every child has the right to say what they think and to share there own opinion.

Every child has the right privacy.

We’ve learnt that Every child should be protected and these rights are a big part of it.

By Sienna & Afra