What if we didn’t have rights

Without our rights we would not survive because nobody would care about us or protect us.

The most important rights to me include:

the right to be protected from things

the right to nutritious food and clean water

the right to decent shelter

the right to good education

the right to choose our own friends

and the right to share our own opinions.

howwver, I need all of my rights to be happy healthy and safe and so do all the other children in the world.




I know that rights are the most Inportent thing  in your life.  There are so many rights that a person has like the right to be safe and protected from bad people. And people have the right to be listened to. E.g if some one was speaking over you then that’s  not respecting your right to be listened to.


All about rights

All The Rights

1.Every one under the age of 18 has all the rights

2.every one child has the rights to play and leisure.

3.every child has the right to have  education.

4.every child has the right to make there own friends.

5.goverments must protect children from drugs.

How many more can you list?




children universal rights

  1. I know that children have 54 rights.
  2. Rights are rules that every child should have and some children don’t have there rights around the world
  3.  I know that universal means the world so child universal rights means children have rights around the world.
  4. I know that children have their rights until they are 18.
  5. CRC stands for convention of the rights of a child.


Convention on the Rights of the Child

These are the rights we have linked to the topics so far in the year.

In boy overboard,Jamal could play outside but Bibi couldn’t play alone outside like Jamal did.That is the right to be protected from discrimination. Also Bibi didn’t receive the right to learn at school. In boy overboard the government is not fair, they’re cruel and don’t let girls have rights. In the story, the characters in Afghanistan don’t receive the right to have protection. Also there was no medical care and health services. Jamal’s mum did not receive any privacy or freedom. We think that every single child should be treated equally without discrimination.

By Tharsika,Brandon and Kabish


The important rights

Our rights protect us from harm,danger and discrimination. In boy overboard they didn’t receive many rights and jamal and bibi lost their mum and dad. Also when they lost them they didn’t have the right to play, they didn’t have the right to a decent shelter, they didn’t have the right to be safe they didn’t have the right to have clean water. If we didn’t have rights nobody would build shelter and we wouldn’t have the right to go to school so we wouldn’t know anything.

What else would happen if we didn’t have rights?

What have we learnt about the rights!!!!!

We have learnt that rights are important because if we didn’t have any rights then we would not have education. In our opinion humans should have all there rights so they can have a better and peaceful life.  To me the most important rights are right to have education, not to be discriminated, medical care and the right to be safe. We learnt that rights should be equal for everybody and there should not be discrimination. All children should have the right to play and rest. Every human should be entitled to have there human rights. We believe we have the right to live, to have freedom, to be treated equally, have your say and do whatever we want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of others. Rights are based on provision , participation and protection.   

What can you add to my knowledge on rights?


Rights in boy overboard!!!

In the book boy overboard children didn’t get the same rights as us. For example, girls and boys were treated differently. Girls are not allowed to go outside unless they are with a grown up and they needed to cover their hair. Girls were not allowed to play football. The story was set in Afghanistan and the government was not fair. They blew up Jamal’s and Bibi’s house and they were not granted their right to decent shelter and protection. Governments are not allowed to send a family out of a country.They have to look after their citizens. Jamal and Bibi are not allowed to go to school and they don’t have a right to have education. Jamal and Bibi don’t have the right to be safe because their are landmines everywhere and if you step on one the landmine will blow like a bomb. Reading this book really made me think about how unfair it is when children don’t get the rights they are entitled to.

Who else has read this story and what are your opinions?

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