The right’s of a child

.These are how many rights we can remember:

  1. The right to learn
  2. The right to education
  3. The right to play and rest
  4. The right to be safe
  5. The right to be heard and listen to
  6. The right to have decent shelter
  7. All children are an adults top priority
  8. The right to share your own opinion
  9. The right to not be abused or abducted
  10. The right to have food and drink
  11. All children should be treated the same way whatever their race, religion, country.
  12. The right to have medical care
  13. If a child is a refugee governments must make sure that they have everything they need
  14. Children must be protected from abuse.
  15. We have the right to an environment in which we can grow and reach our potential.
  16. The right to have privacy

Rights are universal- what do you think this means?

By Afra and Aikaan