What we learned about Rights

Many many years ago, the goverment made a fair promise to protect children from things like Racisum,Bullying and many more. Article 28,29 and 30 are part of our Right to learn! We have the right to social security as it says on article 26.There is a special company called UN Convention on the rights of the child.We have lots of rights such as the right to have education, the right to health and health services and the right to Privacy.

Adults rights and children’s rights are different because adults are more responsible and they have to protect children from Neglect and many other harmful things.But the right to privacy is a right that both adults and children have. Family reunification that is article ten. The Rights are really important because they protect us from racism people bullying us , abuse and many more  that is why rights are important.

Here are some rights:

The right to have education ,The right to have privacy,The right to be safe,The right to be loved and cared,The right to have clean water and nutritious food,The right to be free to learn your own culture/ or religion and the right to have your rights.