Why do we have rights and what will happen if we didn’t have them ??????

Why do we have rights?

We have rights to protect us. Another reason why we have rights is because we need to be safe and also we need to have them so that we make friends and also listen to other people’s opinions. We have rights to help us learn and to stop fighting. The whole point of having rights is so that we can be treated the same, we have rights so that means we should be treated equally. We also have rights to make sure we do the right thing so that we know if we are doing anything bad or not.  

What will happen if we didn’t have rights?????? 

If we didn’t have rights we wouldn’t actually be talking about rights. We would be fighting if we did not have rights. Rights help us to do good things. Another fact here is that if we didn’t have any rights it wouldn’t be safe because some countries don’t have the right to education and every person should have that right. Every child has to go to school.

By Sara,Alexa and Kyriese!!!!!